Jean Piaget

By: Chasity Truslow

“It is with children that we have the best chance of studying the development of logical knowledge, mathematical knowledge, physical knowledge, and so forth.” -Jean Piaget

Jean Piaget was born in 1896 in Switzerland. As a child, Piaget was considered an intelligent young boy and very scientific. He wrote his first scientific paper by the age of 10. He attended the University of Neuchatel in Switzerland where he received is Doctorate degree in Biology.

Soon after his graduation he grew very interested in the field of Psychology. He was first introduced to Freudian theories which seemed to be the most interesting theory to him. From his interest, he began studying cognitive development in psychology.

Jean Piaget’s interest in the psychology of children began when he took a job as the director of an institute of research on children. He got married to Valentine Chatenay, and they had two daughters and a son together. Piaget used his children to begin to study the development of thought processes in children. From there, Piaget continued to study children for fifty years.

Jean Piaget passed away in 1980

Here are some additional accomplishments that Jean Piaget made in his study of psychology:

  • 1929-Director of the International Bureau of Education
  • 1933-Director for the Institute of Educational sciences at the University of Geneva
  • 1938-Professor of Psychology and Sociology of Lausanne
  • 1952-Professor of Experimental Psychology at the University of Geneva

Piaget’s Influence on Child Psychology

Piaget’s main interest was the question of how does knowledge develop? Through his studies with observing his own children, Piaget discovered that to achieve this answer he needed to continue his studies of childhood development. He was interested in studying the thought process in children because he noticed how younger children thought much differently than younger children did. From this, Piaget began to study children at various different ages and came up with information that helped him form his theory of cognitive development in children.

Stages of Cognitive Development                                         Piagets Theory and its use Today

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