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How has Piaget’s Theory of Development used Today?

Jean Piagets theory of cognitive development in children has shaped the way we understand still today. His theory is used widely in school systems throughout the world and in the development of curriculums for children. His theory produced the idea of ages in stages in childhood development. This idea is used to predict the capabilities of what a child can or cannot understand depending on their stage of development. Piaget’s major contrabution to child psychology was the understanding that children “construct” their own knowledge and learn through experience.

Educators use this knowledge from Piaget to shape their curriculums and activities in order to produce an environment where children can “learn through experience”. Here are just a few of the programs that have been developed for children from educators using Piaget’s theory.

  • Anchored Instruction ( Developed to help children learn through thinking about siutations critically)
  • Microwords (Students use a computer-based environment to learn)
  • Symbol Pads ( Manipulations of symbols and language; word-processors, drawing programs, index cards)


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