Personality Today

Personality is something that has been here for a long time. The views have changed or more like modified but have not fully changed. All of these approaches of personality theory are still in practice today. Starting from Freud to today, we see different perspective of personality. From Freud’s idea of Psychoanalysis, all the psychologists relating personality theory have come and presented their idea by modifying to Freud’s approach. Some have agreed with some of his ideas of how personality develops, and other has taken a different route. Early personality theorists such as Freud, Jung, and Alder treated individuals in the clinical settings. Their attempt was to modify and cure the abnormal behaviors within the person, so they studied the whole person. The focus shifted from the whole person approach when the personality was brought out of the clinical setting to the laboratory. Later psychologists started shifted their focus to different variables of a person. No one can say one is right over the other; they all have some criticisms and advantages. Even today, the psychologists like Julian Rotter, Marvin Zukerman are still modifying the older theories and presenting new ideas.

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